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Warranty: 1 year after shipment.

One of the following conditions is not covered by the warranty:
Consumer use. Damage caused by improper storage and maintenance.

Inspection number:

2. The damage is caused by disassembly, assembly and repair by the customer personally.
3. Damage caused by force majeure.
4. Leather covers, hand-controlled and consumable accessories are not coveredbythewarranty.
5. This product is used for non-household purposes and will not be covered by the warranty.
6. Faults caused by man-made or improper use are not covered by the warranty.
7. The failure of the machine caused by the accessories that do not meet the product parameters which were purchased privately is not within the scope of the warranty, andtheaccidents caused are not within the scope of our responsibility.
8. For products that are not covered by the warranty, we still can offer you a sparepartswithcost price.