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Golden Massage - Manual Collections

Golden Massage offers quality Massage Chairs nationwide. Standard Styles, Supreme Styles & Our Luxury Styles offers quality Massage Chair for sale including massage recliner, full body massage chair, electric massage chair, back massage chair, professional massage chair, leather massage chair, seated massage chair, zero gravity massage chair, vibrating massage chair, foot massage chair and more relaxing chairs at home. With each style carefully selected, you will find an affordable massage chair combined with amazing features like shiatsu, luxury, heated and therapy chairs. Don’t hesitate to buy your ideal massage chair today! You won’t be disappointed!

You can download our collection of instruction books in PDF format. To start downloading, please choose the item you want.

*To read PDF files, you need Adobe Reader 6.0 or later.

GM Standard Styles

  1. GM 1000
  2. GM 1100

GM Supreme Styles

  1. GM 2100
  2. GM 2200

GM Luxury Styles

  1. GM 3100
  2. GM 3200